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Indian e-Visa for American Citizens

Updated on Mar 28, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

For more information about India Visa Online services for US residents or India e-Visa requirements, read the article below. This guide will help you with obtaining the Indian e-Visa and its requirements. US citizens also need an e-Visa for travelling to India.

e Visa for India has some conditions, privileges, and requirements for different types like Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visaand Medical e-Visafor India.

US citizens who want to visit India for various purposes like recreation, business, or medical care need not go to the Indian Embassy orConsulate as they can apply online directly from their home. This process has become simple because the Govt. of India has introduced an e-Visa for India which international travellers can apply for. Indian Visa for American Citizens can be applied very easily online and as mentioned above

Eligibility Requirements for India e-Visa for US Nationals

One can only apply for tourism, business, or medical when you visit the country.

  • An ordinary passport valid for at least 6 months from arrival date in India is required. No official or diplomatic passports are allowed.
  • Although e-Visa does not require a visit to the Indian Embassy, you must ensure that you have two blank pages in your passport that can be stamped by the immigration officer at the airport.
  • You can apply for an Indian e-Visa only 3 times a year but you will not be eligible if you apply for the 4th time within the same year.
  • US citizens must apply for an India eVisa at least 7 days before their flight or arrival date in India.
  • Indian eVisa US citizens must enter the country through approved immigration checkpoints, which include 31 airports and 5 seaportsas of today, and the holder must also exit through approved immigration checkpoints.

All requirements for an Indian eVisa include:

  • A visitor's recent passport-size colour photo
  • A scanned copy of the first page with personal details of your ordinary passport
  • Working email address
  • Debit or credit card to pay application fees

The date of your arrival in India must be mentioned in your passport, which is extremely important. If it's not mentioned, you might face difficulties and have to go through the hassle of renewing your passport. So, it's better to ensure that it's mentioned before you plan your trip to India.

Check the Indian Visa Passport Requirements for American Citizens for Indian e-Visa.

India e-Visa for US Nationals

US citizens travelling to India for tourism and sightseeing can apply for an Indian Tourist Visa. This visa allows a maximum stay of 180 days and can only be used for non-business travel.

However, in addition to tourism, US citizens can also use the Tourist e-Visa if they want to come to India to participate in a short-term yoga program or to participate in a non-degree or diploma course of up to 6 months with no certificate or participation in voluntary work with a maximum duration of 1 month.

Indian e-Visa for tourism are available in three different forms for US citizens.

  1. Indian tourist visa valid for 30 days which allows double entry and is. The expiration date on this visa is the date of entry into the country, not the date of exit. The date of exit is determined only from the date of entry and is 30 days after the mentioned entry date.
  2. Indian tourist e-Visa is valid for 365 days. The e-Visa validity is determined by its date of issue, not by the date of entry. In addition, the visa allows multiple entries during its validity period.
  3. Indian tourists can also obtain a multiple-entry visa which is valid for 5 years.

You must meet the above eligibility criteria to obtain the e-Visa.

In addition, you may be asked to prove that you have sufficient funds to finance your travel to and stay in India.

India Business e-Visa for US Nationals

Indian Visa for American Citizens

US citizens wishing to visit India for business can apply for an Indian business visa. These purposes may include selling or buying goods, attending business meetings, setting up industrial or commercial enterprises, conducting business tours, lecturing, recruiting employees, participating in fairs and exhibitions, and coming to the country as an expert or a specialist for a business project.

The Indian business e-Visa visa permits you to stay in India for over 180 days. It is a multiple-entry visa and valid for over 365 days (1 year) i.e., you can enter India multiple times until the eVisa remains valid.

In addition to the above general requirements for a Business e-Visa India for US citizens, you will need information about the Indian organization, fair, or exhibition that you are visiting, including the Indian reference, the name and web address of the Indian company, a business invitation letter from an Indian company and the visitor's business card or email signature and an email address.

Indian Medical Treatment e-Visa for US Nationals

Applying for an Indian Medical e-Visa is necessary for American citizens who want to travel to India as patients to get medical care. Only those who plan to receive medical treatment in India are eligible to apply. The Indian Medical Visa is a short-term visa that may only be obtained if the visitor plans to stay in the nation for a maximum of 60 days at a time. "This document remains valid for 60 days starting from the date of admission."

The Indian Medical e-Visa is a triple entry visa i.e., it allows you to enter India 3 times within the period of its validity. Even though it's a temporary visa, you may get it three times a year. In addition to the previously stated basic criteria for American citizens applying for an India e-Visa, you must include a copy of a letter from the Indian hospital where you plan to receive treatment and respond to any inquiries regarding the hospital you are visiting.

Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa for US Nationals

US citizens can apply for the Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa to accompany a patient receiving medical care in India. This Visa is available to family members accompanying a patient who has applied for or already holds a Medical e-Visa.

Indian Medical Attendant Visa is a short-term visa that allows foreign citizens to enter India 3 times per year. The medical attendant e-Visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. It is similar to the Indian Medical Visa in terms of its duration and usage. For every medical visa, only two medical attendant visas are given.

In addition to the general requirements listed above for an India visa for citizens of the United States, you also need the name of the patient who is the medical e-Visa holder, their application ID or visa number, their passport number, their date of birth, and their destination.

If you meet all of the eligibility criteria mentioned above then you are eligible for applying the e-Visa of your choice. It’s easy to apply for an e-Visa. However, you can get assistance and direction from the Indian Visa Help Desk if you need clarification.